Most of you know about in person psychotherapy, where you have a problem and go to a psychology professional and do face-to-face sessions. However, with the current health crisis situation, many professionals are using a resource that we had already been using with clients who lived far from our office: online therapy.

In Consulterapia, like many other psychologists, we have continued to attend our patients through the various platforms of online meetings, such as zoom, skype, whatsapp or google meet. These online psychotherapy sessions maintain the quality and confidentiality of the process as well as not having to leave your home to go to the psychologist’s office, with the difficulties that this may entail.

10 years of experience

In Consulterapia, we have been doing online psychoterapy for more than a decade. Experience shows that it allows for more flexibility and comfort.

The 6 greatest advantages are:

1. You will not need to come to the office and expose yourselves while comuting, especially if you are considered vulnerable population, have small children or sick people at home.

2. You can continue to benefit from psychotherapy even when travelling for work or pleasure. You will only need to have access to the internet.

3. If you and your family live far away or in another country different from where our office is we can still schedule a session, taking into consideration the time difference between the two countries.

4. Online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face sessions. The results are noticeable from the very first sessions.

5. You can access quality psychological services no matter where you live.

6. You save a lot of time commuting back and forth.

You may ask yourself how you can find a trusted psychologist who does psychotherapy online?In Consulterapia, we advise you to look for a psychologist who is accredited by the official state psychology association in the country. In Catalonia, we are affiliated to the Official Association of Psychologists of Catalonia, which guarantees the professionalism of its members. You can access the list of psychologists and see which ones have this online psychotherapy service. Remember that it is important that the psychologist you are going to work with is officially accredited. This means that the professional has experience in trauma, emotional difficulties and family conflicts and is supported by their trainers and colleagues.

When you call or connect with us to request therapy online, we will explore the concrete issue or topic you will want to work on during our psychotherapy sessions. For example:

  • Personal growth and self-esteem
  • Family problems
  • Emotional trauma
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Anxiety and phobias
When making an appointment, it is important that you give us a brief headline of the issue to be addressed. Together you can agree on what kind of platform you will use for your sessions. It is important that you know that the psychologist will take some notes during the session. This information will be kept confidential, and will be filed in your clinical file. There are patients who wish to record their sessions, partially or entirely, so that they can watch them again during the week to meditate on the topics worked on.
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