Couple therapy

What problems can be treated in couple therapy? What is couple therapy and how does it work? When can problems appear in a couple? How do we work in sessions?

Couple therapy

In couple psychotherapy we can help you treat problems such as:


  • Unfaithfulness
  • Difficulty in decisión taking
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of communication within the couple
  • Education of the children
  • Relationship difficulties with in laws and parents

Sexual difficulties are often one of the reasons for which couples consult us. We have seen that communication difficulties within the couple frequently influence negatively how one and another feel when in physical intimacy.

  • Depression of one of the members of the couple
  • Difficulties in managing the household economy
  • The relationship within a reconstituted family (the second wife or husband with their children or with yours)
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • When monotony and emotional distance sets in between you

Intercultural couples constitute a large part of our clientele, as our experience working oversees has allowed us to achieve great training and practice in helping intercultural couples of diverse cultures. These couples pose an additional challenge, as interculturality offers difficulties which need help in order to be understood and be able to accept unity in diversity within the couple. Intercultural couples are very enriching and beautiful if you know how to take advantage of all their potentiality.

What is couple therapy and how does it work?

Couple therapy is the psychotherapy technique directed towards resolving the difficulties in relationships or conflict, to prevent separation or divorce.

The couple is a living entity which is built between both members. This new being, this new entity which is called the couple relationship needs to be taken care of and nurtured on a daily basis, as one would with a tender plant.

Sometimes, the couple relationship “becomes ill” or seems that it is going to die, but if you have a certain degree of motivation, we can , as couple therapists, help you to nurture, heal, and RE-BUILD what has been destroyed.

We must acknowledge that the couple relationship is one of the most important relationships for the human being, and at the same time, one of the most complex and challenging.

This new being, which we will call ‘the couple’, is more than the addition of both parts. Each member of the couple brings his/her vision of the world to the couple relationship and is influenced by the vision or dynamic of the other member.

Each member of the couple brings his/her vision of the world to the couple relationship. This personal world is built by his personal history, as well as his family and cultural history. On one hand, this can enrich the couple and help towards growth and development of each of its members and on the other hand, the differences can generate conflicts given the difficulties which surge many times when trying to negotiate and accommodate both models. These models, ideas and expectations that each member of the couple brings about are: the relationship, the communication, the kids, and the world in general.

Couple therapy, is designed to help you overcome these obstacles and be able to build this fortress for you wellbeing, which is your family. In couple therapy we turn your differences into enriching factors, instead of conflict and difficulties.

In Consulterapia, we guide you through this mutual growth process that is the couple therapy.

When can these problems arise within the couple?


    Frequently, problems arise in the stages of growth in the couple. When the couple meets, physical attraction and love arise, but this stage, soon gives way towards other less passional and more realistic stages, such as the stage of power struggle or that of stability. But the transition from one stage to the next, often implies MARRIAGE CRISIS, sometimes grave and difficult. These growth crisis can be redirected and restructured by means of an effective and transformative couple psychotherapy.

    How do we proceed in these sessions?

    In the sessions of couple therapy, we will analyze the gender patterns of relationship which are preventing or are making it harder to reach an adequate and fluid resolution of the problem. We will find together, between the therapist and the couple, ways to reach solutions by having each member of the couple realize how they can contribute with their psychological resources to the stagnation or the solution of the issue which affects them. In couple therapy, we specially use systemic type techniques, thought sometimes we include some other more gestaltic or cognitive behavioral techniques.

    Prevention and/or preparation for separation and/or divorce

    In couple therapy, we can also help you to take decisions of great importance, such as whether it’s better to separate or continue together. In case that the healthiest option, both for the couple and their kids, be separation, we can counsel you through and help you in throughout the process and its different stages:

    • Common vision of need for separation
    • How to tell to your children, how to prepare them psychologically for the separation
    • Kinds of custody and possible difficulties
    • Finantial issues
    • Relationship with grandparents and the extended family
    • Relationship with his/her friends
    • Separation and /or divorce
    • Building  of a parenting team without being a couple
    • Your future relationship with your ex-husband/wife

    Areas of our specialty:

    • Intercultural and/or inter-religious couples
    • Reconstituted families (second or third …)
    • Mediation in cases of divorce
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