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The team behind Consulterapia are:
Roya Massarrat, Nika Massoumian and Mariona Díaz.

Roya Massarrat

Licensed Therapist

These last 27 years I have helped many people and families to solve their communication problems or their emotional difficulties. I have had the honor and the great pleasure of being able to touch many hearts. I have helped many couples solve their crises and learn useful tools to resolve their differences with respect; others to be able to separate calmly and without conflict; many people who were suffering, whether depression, anxiety or despair I have accompanied them in their healing process, teaching them exercises and useful actions to transform their difficulty in personal growth; I have really enjoyed helping intercultural couples discover the beauty of unity in diversity in relationships; reconstituted families have been a very attractive challenge in my professional career; I have helped dozens of people with complex trauma to be able to process their difficulties with the help of psycho-neuro-biological techniques, such as Brainspotting or body techniques such as positive energy.

I feel that my power as a psychologist has grown even more in these last 5 years, since I have incorporated to my therapeutic skills, all my new formation in Internal Family systems, which is allowing me to accelerate the transformation of the traumas and the difficulties of my patients in self healing energy for themselves.

This profession of psychologist and psychotherapist has been a great source of joy and personal growth for me. I hope to continue serving my clients with all my knowledge, skills and love that I have

  • PhD from the department of social psychology of the University of Barcelona.
  • Member of the European Psychotherapist Asociation.

  • Master in systemic family therapy in San Pablo Hospital.

  • Master in mediation by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

  • Postgraduate degree in humanistic psychology from Eric Fromm Institute of Barcelona.

  • Graduate in Psychology from University of Barcelona (in 1990)

  • Numerous courses and seminars on family as well as humanistic therapy.

  • Collegiate number 7843 of Official Association of Psychologists of Catalonia,

  • Member of the FEAP

  • Member of the Catalan Society of Family Therapy

  • Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Healthcare of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

  • Facilitator of the Ruhi institute for human capacitation

  • She has vast experience both with national and foreign patients, having carried out part of her professional career outside Spain.

Mariona Diaz

Licensed Therapist

Bachelor of Psychology, James Cook University, Australia
Postgraduate in Psychology, James Cook Univerity, Australia
Child Psychotherapy Studies, Monash University, Australia
Studies of the Master of Educational Psychology, Monas University, Australia
Accreditation in Relationships Systems Therapy Australia
Accreditation of Family Psychotherapist and Relationships Australia
Numerous seminars and courses in Narrative Therapy from Dulwich Center, Australia
Diploma in Expressive Therapies from the Australian Institute of Expressive Therapies
Facilitator of Circle of Security International Security Circle, Early Intervention Program for parents and children;
Numerous seminars and courses in Gestalt Therapy;
Seminars and courses in trauma neurobiology from the Australian Chilhood Foundation;
Numerous seminars and courses in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD);
Seminars and courses on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;
Courses and seminars on learning problems: evaluations and interventions;
Courses and seminars on working with children with behavioral problems;
Collegiate number 24982 of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia;
Member of the Australian Society of Psychologists number 34351;
Australian Health Regulation Agency number PSY0001526199.


Nika Massoumian

Specialist in individual therapy, couples, family and children or adolescents

¡Hola soy Nika y te doy la bienvenida! Soy psicóloga habilitada como general sanitaria. Llevo más de quince años trabajando con adultos, parejas, adolescentes y niños, ejerciendo mi profesión en muy diferentes ámbitos. Me convertí en profesional de la psicología porque desde siempre he querido apoyar a las personas que sufren, ayudándoles a transformar sus dificultades en crecimiento personal y acompañándoles a descubrir sus virtudes latentes.

Hi, I’m Nika and I welcome you! I am a psychologist qualified as a health general. I have been working with adults, couples, teenagers and children for more than fifteen years, practicing my profession in very different fields. I became a professional psychologist because I have always wanted to support people who suffer, helping them to transform their difficulties into personal growth and accompanying them to discover their latent virtues.

Do you feel trapped? Perhaps your past is preventing you from enjoying your current stage of life. Perhaps you have been struggling to feel satisfied with what you have and again and again you don’t achieve it. You may be entering a new stage of life, such as parenting or embarking on a new career. Do you have relationship and/or communication difficulties with your partner and/or your children? Do you have an addiction that is costing you a lot to quit (tobacco, pornography, new technologies, etc.)?

You may be struggling to find pleasure or to complete daily tasks. Are you struggling with worries, negative beliefs, and self-sabotage behaviors that significantly limit you in your relationships, work, and overall potential? Do you find it difficult to establish meaningful relationships with others or manage your emotions? Do you tend to please everyone and worry that if they saw your “real me,” they would be disappointed? Do you set unrealistic goals, and then judge yourself harshly for not meeting them?

Whether you’ve experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, you’re going through a life transition, you’re looking forward to working on your relationship or anything else that might come up, I’m here to give you the space you need to work on it together.

I use an integrative approach putting at the disposal of people who put their trust in me, the different techniques and currents that I use to accompany them in reaching their goals and thus regain their balance and well-being.

My constant commitment to the people I accompany leads me to be at the forefront of techniques and therapeutic tools to help them better. I offer treatments adapted to each person and based on neuroscience and knowledge of the brain and nervous system, such as EMDR, Brainspotting, Mindfulness and sensorimotor therapy, in addition to being trained in currents such as Humanist Integrative, Logotherapy, Attachment, Biological Decoding.

As a therapist, I am empathetic, patient and calm as well as assertive and direct. You can expect me to listen attentively and offer you reflections. You will also notice that I hope to let you guide me to the material you would like to work on, even though when you are lost, I will ask you questions to help you on your way. I encourage my clients/patients to be honest with me about how they feel, how the treatment is going, and what’s not working. I hope to create a safe environment for you to talk to me about everything you need.

Although I live in Barcelona, thanks to technological advances, my practice is where the person needs me. We can do online therapy, with videoconferences, Skype, Facetime, etc.. Distance therapy can be an excellent solution for those who would not otherwise seek help, for those who do not find a psychologist specialized in their subject in the place where they live or for those people with a busy schedule.

My goal is to share all the tools I’ve learned along the way, which have helped me to be what I am today: a “soul companion” in this human experience, understanding that it only heals from the inside out.

Academic training

Degree in Psychology from the University of Salamanca (1994)
Postgraduate in Behavioral Therapy (1995)
EMDR Clinic (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) (2011)
Postgraduate in Applied Clinical Hypnosis
Postgraduate in Psychotherapy of Integration and Reprocessing of Trauma
Postgraduate in Brainspotting
Postgraduate in Family Therapy (2002-2004)
Postgraduate in Dissociative Disorders
Postgraduate in Attachment Problems

Professional experience

Mindulness or Full Consciousness in Therapy
Instructor Family Wellness (2002)
Specialized in Adoption and Foster Care
Trainer in areas: Attachment, Communication in the family, Parental skills, Adoption, Adolescence, Meditation
Facilitator of the Ruhi Institute of Human Training
Member of the psychologists school CL-2894
Member of the Spanish EMDR Association


Tell us your questions and we will respond as soon as possible.

(+34) 619 989 289

C/ de Londres, 96, 1r, 2a, 08036 Barcelona


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