Counseling is a relationship of professional help and support in order to explore and manage different aspects of each person’s life.

Individual Counselling and personal growth

What does individual Counselling and personal growth consist of? Is Counselling the same as Psychotherapy? Who can benefit from Counselling?

Counselling in parenting abilities

In CONSULTERAPIA, we believe that children are like mines filled with gems of incalculable value, and only by means of an affective upbringing and an emotional as well as an intellectual education, can we…

Counselling for foreigners - Cultural shock

If you are a foreigner in this country, or if you live in a city in which you feel different or have difficulties adapting, you can seek advice from CONSULTERAPIA on how to gradually and safely accommodate…

Counselling for intercultural couples

Growth opportunities and challenges of intercultural couples. What can we help you with? Some of the common problems in intercultural couples are.

Counselling. How to choose the right spouse

Importance of choosing the right spouse. Preparation for choosing the spouse. What are the requirements to choose a good spouse?

Counselling Which topics should be discussed before getting married?

What is the objective? What is analysed? How are the sessions?

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