Counselling. How to choose the right spouse

Importance of choosing the right spouse. Preparation for choosing the spouse. What are the requirements to choose a good spouse?

Counselling. How to choose the right spouse

The importance of the choosing of the spouse

The couple is one of the most important systems in our life. It can be a source of personal growth or drive us to degradation. That’s why choosing ones spouse is one of life’s most important challenges, thought we haven’t received training for it. We study and receive training on issues of all shorts, but it seems that nobody cares to prepare themselves for one of the most important relationships in our lives, our life partnership.

Counselling on how to choose the adequate spouse. Preparation to choose one’s spouse.


In Consulterapia, we believe that it is important to have some basic aspects clear before choosing the partner with which you shall spend the rest of your life. Life as a couple must not be something which we leave to chance or social stereotypes, but rather should be perfectly planned and designed for success

Due to the great number of divorces and separations, many people have developed phobia to the couple or simply fear the commitment and the responsibilities which sharing a life with another person implies. Others venture in blindly “trying” one temporary relationship after the other, without finding satisfaction nor personal growth in any of these fleeting relationships.

But you can prepare yourself, both individually and jointly before taking the decision of setting out on your joint life voyage. This will provide you with many psychological and emotional resources to successfully maintain a stable partner and/or marriage.

If you wish to receive some counselling sessions to help you find the right partner, do not hesitate in contacting us.

In our sessions we shall analyse:

What are the requisites to choose a good spouse?

  • Knowing oneself
  • Developing a good self-esteem and consolidate my self-confidence
  • Exploring the character of the other.
  • Revise our expectations with regard to marriage
  • Explore our common objectives as well as the individual one’s  
  • Is the a shared life visión?
  • Be aware of how each one lives sexuality
  • The relationship with one’s parents and that of the spouse’s.
  • The relationship with my friends, his friends, common friends
  • Negotiating through the difficult moments and crisis
  • Do we know how to consult with one another?
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