Services of Therapy, Mediation and Counseling

With Consulterapia you will find the best team of psychologists in Barcelona, with specialists in the different branches of therapy, mediation and counseling.

Therapy service

Therapy is a fundamental tool to address a wide range of issues: depression, anxiety, relationship crisis, problems of education of children, emotional stress, problems with their careers, drug and / or alcohol abuse, significant losses, divorces and clinical or personality disorders.

Service mediation

Family mediation is a method of making agreements by both parties and assisted by a mediator that facilitates communication and decision making. They usually use it: couples who divorce and find difficulties reaching agreements or maintain persistent conflicts, family members who maintain acute or chronic conflicts; family businesses in which conflicts interfere.

Service Counselling

Counseling is a relationship of professional help and support in order to explore and manage different aspects of each person’s life. It opens new windows, options and ways to manage life: work, family relationships, studies … Its main objective is to enhance the psychic wellbeing of each individual, opening the way to a happier and fuller life experience.

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