Psychology: Therapy and Counselling

In Consulterapia we offer a professional and quality service for each of your therapeutic needs.

Therapy service

Therapy is a fundamental tool to address a wide range of issues: depression, anxiety, relationship crisis, problems of education of children, emotional stress, problems with their careers, drug and / or alcohol abuse, significant losses, divorces and clinical or personality disorders.

Service Counselling

Counseling is a relationship of professional help and support in order to explore and manage different aspects of each person’s life. It opens new windows, options and ways to manage life: work, family relationships, studies … Its main objective is to enhance the psychic wellbeing of each individual, opening the way to a happier and fuller life experience.

About us Consulterapia

Consulterapia is a team of clinical psychologists based in Barcelona. Our therapists cover all areas of psychology from different approaches.

We have specialists in therapy, and counseling, from individual points of view, couple, family, business, etc.

Online therapy

Our online therapy service can be useful to you if:

  • It is difficult to you to get to our center to do therapy in person.
  • You travel frequently and thus cannot follow a therapy in person with the needed regularity.
  • You have moved from Barcelona but would like to continue with the therapy process.
  • You do not reside in Barcelona, but would like to receive our service.

“I came to Consulterapia when I was very fragile. Roya helped me to understand that I had been in a toxic relationship for many months, and she accompanied me in the detachment process from that partner. Moreover, she did help me to do establish relationships free from emotional dependency”


I have been able to take more easily the reins of my life though being aware of my behaviours and patterns and integrate my emotions. with Roya ́s help and after several grieving process , I have been able to overcome the valley of pain and heal my wounds… she embraced our chaos compassionately highlighting the benefits of working on an issue when it is raw. We continued our work with Roya for over a year.


Roya will guide you through self-discovery by various methodologies, testing which best resonates with you. She is kind, firm, and skilled.


“I used to think that my problems would sort themselves out or that I would be able to overcome them, without the help of a psychologist. Now, after 2 two years, I know it has been my best decision in life and I wonder “why I did not come earlier?”. Thanks to Roya, I learned to look where I was not looking , that area that one does forget to look, or doesn’t want to look. But, by not wanting to see it, does not mean it was not affecting me”.


With Roya’s help, I understood and accepted my family’s system, that is the source of my present life’s issues. I recommend Roya for the sweetness, her tender touch, her empathy, care and professionalism. Her help enabled me to find my inner strength to see the reality as it is, to destroy the rotten beams and foundations that where sustaining my life , and build healthy and stronger new bases. Thank you Roya, thank you, thank you.

“Thanks to Roya’s magical touch (relationship, knowledge, inquiry, applied techniques as we integrate in our day by day), she is an exceptional guidance. This process is a life changing experience for me, as I have become aware of the impact of my past, how it is affecting my present, to be able to be more conscious and process it to find a self with more resources and more freedom to make assertive and meaningful decisions. No doubt, she is a great professional and will lead you to achieve the levels you would never imagine “.

E. Fuentes

“No doubt , it has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. To do therapy with Roya has helped me to grow, know myself better and become aware of my integrated self and all that surrounds me”.

A. I.

“I thank Roya for teaching me some techniques and tools to overcome my problem and to learn to see different perspectives when in times of trouble. She has helped me to value myself, to feel more secure with my capacities and to be less dependent of my environment”.

A. I.

“I will be always thankful. My anxiety was promptly diagnosed. I was able to have fast resources to control it. Later, we were able to identify the source and I learned to accept it and manage it. Roya, has given me the chance to know myself better and to open a new path in my life.”.


Tell us your questions and we will respond as soon as possible.

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