Mediation in divorce

Mediation in divorce for the couple. What can we do when faced with divorce or separation? What problems can be trated in family mediation? Preparation for separation and/or divorce.

Mediation in Divorce

Mediation in divorce for the couple:

When the couple decides to separate or divorce, it passes through a period of adaption to the new situation. It’s a difficult and complicated period of your life. It is frequent that communication between both of you breaks. Both can feel anguish; feel depressed, without the capacity to choose, full of anger. You may have the feeling of being stuck in a dead end alley. You may feel confused, with feelings of guilt, aggressiveness, incertitude, etc.

With family mediation, we help you make a commitment to keeping open a minimal channel of communication, for your own sake and that of your children, since you will continue to have a relationship as parents of your children, in all those decisions that affect them. You will still be a “parenting team” even if you are not a couple any more.

In case you and your partner are already living separately or have already decided to divorce, in Consulterapia, we propose you some sessions of mediation in order to prevent or solve problems related with the process of decision making on:

  • The future of your children
  • Agreement on the type of custody
  • Financial issues
  • The relationship with the grandparents and the extended family ( uncles, cousins, and other relatives)
  • The relationship with each one’s friends.
  • And most of all, how to do an EMOTIONAL DIVORCE the least traumatic possible for both of you. Remember that if you do not close a relationship you cannot fall in love and rebuild your life with a new partner. It is indispensable to go through an “emotional divorce” so that your heart could be free and open to create a relationship with a new partner.
  • How to get along with expartners
  • How to deal with ongoing conflicts.
  • How to heal very old emotional wounds.
  • Changes in some points of the Separation Agreement

What can we do when facing a divorce of separation?

In any human conflict there is much pain and suffering, but separation and/or divorce entail additional suffering both for the couple as for the people which are close to them. We suggest to all couples which are thinking of separation to consult with a family mediator to receive advice on:

  • How to tell the kids
  • How to communicate it to the extended family and friends
  • How to reach agreements on material possessions
  • How to close emotional injuries from the divorce and be able to redo one’s life.

What problems can be treated in family mediation?

Family mediation can be used to:

  • Reach agreements on the custody of kids and the visiting regimes
  • Rationalise the distribution of common material possessions so that none of the two parts feels at a disadvantage
  • Restructure the future relationship with the family of the ex couple.
  • Restructure the future relationship with the common friends
  • Possibilitate the reconstruction of a reconstituted family from the base of respect and mutual acceptance


Preparation for separation and/or divorce:

In family mediation, we can also help you take decisions of great significance, like if it’s better to separate or stay together. In any case, it is healthier and less painful for the couple and the children to go through the process of separation with mediation. Family mediation is faster and much cheaper than a litigious process.:

En Consulterapia podemos asesoraros y ayudaros en todo el proceso y sus diversas etapas:

  • Common visión of the need for separation
  • How to tell your children, how to prepare them psychologically for the separation
  • Types of custody and posible difficulties
  • Financial issues.
  • Relationship with grandparents and the extended family
  • Relationship with his/her friends
  • Separation and/or divorce
  • Building a parenting team without being a couple
  • Your future relationship with your ex-husband/wife

Sometimes, the conflict with the ex partner can end up being a never ending war, lasting several years. Both members of the ex-couple can maintain a high level of tension between them which can drive their children o other family members towards mental pathology or desperation.  In Consulterapia, we will help you solve these problems once and for all with the help of an effective and fast family mediation.

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